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On My Top 5 List of Global Influences

Harry and Duane
You are definitely on my Top 5 list of global influences on what I do as a golf coach.  You are a master at looking for improvement and taking performance to the next level, based on proven research.  I would encourage any tour player to talk to Harry and Duane at Golf DNA, as it could be the best thing you have ever done for your career.  At the end of the day, they will change the outcome of your results and your future.

Kobus van Rensburg
PGA Class AAA Coach and former PGA Touring Professional
Manukau City, Auckland, NZ
Former coach to Trevor Immelman (2008 Masters Champion), Rory Sabbatini (#11 OWGR in 2007) and Tim Clark (2010 the Players Champion) when he was a resident of South Africa.
As Staff Professionals, we do not have a relationship with T. Immelman, R. Sabbatini and T. Clark.

How to Lower One's Stroke Average in Golf

Harry Schiestel

You have great ideas, give great advice and you make great points.  Thank you so much for your information on how to improve.  I read your email and I want to tell you that I am very impressed with your knowledge.  Also, with your son.  Duane sounds like a genius and a great golfer, too.  I can feel the improvement, but of course it will take time to transfer to the course, but I know it will definitely help!!!  Thank you!!!

Stacey Shinnick
Callaway Golf, Staff Professional
Escondido, CA, USA
3X's Women's Re/MAX World Long Drive Champion (2005, 2002, 2000)
Long Drivers of America
Women's Tour Champion (2002)
As a Staff Professional, we did not build clubs for Stacey Shinnick

Six Sigma and Improving ‘People’ Dominant Processes

Thank you.  I had a hunch there was more than you were showing on your web page.  Your golf statistical research is obviously interesting to me since it involves Six Sigma tools and I play a lot (at least I used to) of golf.  This is the first time I have seen evidence that anyone has used the tools in this area.  Most people I talk to believe there are too many noise variables in the person hitting the ball to use statistics.  Obviously, I (and yourself) believe differently since we can take very ‘people’ dominant processes and improve them.

I don't have the equipment (or money) available to do the studies that you can do (ball flight characteristics with different inputs).  However, I have used Design of Experiments (DOE) and other tools on parts of the game that I can easily measure (mostly putting and chipping) and have improved in these areas.  I played golf at Purdue in the early 80's and was considered to be one of the better ball strikers and at the same time one of the worst putters and chippers they had seen.  Now I only play golf about 15 times per year and never practice, yet my handicap is the same (due to my short game, and use of statistical analysis).  I have taught and been in Six Sigma classes with people from Taylor Made and Callaway Golf.

Chris Halley (Six Sigma Master Black Belt)

Clubmaking for Long Drive, to include Shaft Spine Alignment

Harry Schiestel
I don't have many people down here in Florida that know what they are doing.  I've dealt with about 6 professional club builders and they don't seem to know much.  Talking to you the other night, you seemed very intelligent in the matters I'm looking for.  I want to gain a competitive advantage as I compete in Long Drive on the world stage.  I looked at your web site and was very impressed with what you've achieved in your time in the sport of golf.  Thanks for your help.

John Downey
Riverview, FL, USA
1st - 2006 LDA Re/MAX of Texas Shoot-Out
Downey edged five-time Re/MAX World Long Drive Champion Jason Zuback by a mere four inches, for his prestigious victory)
1st - 2004 Dual in the Desert Trophy Cup
2nd - 2004 Players
Cup Long Drive Tournament
Ranked 4th in the United States, 25th in the World
2 Time World Qualifier - Re/MAX World Long Drive

Precision Required in Elite Athletic Performance

Duane and Harry
With a Masters degree in Exercise Science my expertise lies in the analysis of human movement and sports performance. As a coach who has had the privilege to work with Olympic athletes, I appreciate the precision required in elite athletic performance and the importance of having equipment that meets or exceeds the exacting standards of the sport and athlete. In my quest to find a set of clubs to optimize my performance Harry and Duane Schiestel are the first clubmakers I found who truly understands the physics behind club performance. My blades are by far the best, most consistent set I've ever played. My handicap dropped from a 5 to a 3 handicap (40% reduction) shortly after I purchased my new irons from you. I started shooting scores between 71 and 73 compared to scores of 75 to 77. Thank you, the clubs are truly a work of art!

Steve Merlau (Masters Degree in Exercise Science, Coach to Olympic Athletes)

Applying Advanced Statistics to Improve Performance in Sport


I have known Harry Schiestel for almost 20 years through my consulting activity with his employer. He is an 'Expert' at applying DOE (planned experiments), an efficient and effective way to better understand and improve manufacturing processes. He has had many triumphs over time where the result of using DOE has saved millions of dollars and produced superior quality products.  The idea of applying DOE to improve individual performance in sport is very exciting. Harry has all of the skills necessary to plan, manage and analyze the results of such experiments.

Jock MacKay, Ph.D. (Professor of Statistical and Industrial Consultant)
Research Group (BISRG), University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


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