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 Six Sigma and Lean Innovation

Six Sigma For Dummies ®
Three Simple 'Six Sigma' Principles Relate to Elite Development:
1.  Variation is Key - variation is everywhere, and it degrades consistent, great performance.  Working with a Master Six Sigma Black Belt, your job is to find it and minimize it = improvement.
2.  Focus Upstream - to change or improve results (the Y), you have to focus on the inputs (the X's), modify them and control them.  As positive changes are made, your confidence will soar!
3.  Find the Critical Few - only a critical few inputs have a significant effect on the Output.  Concentrate on the critical few.  Easier said than done, as most professionals and coaches do not know how, since they do not have a working competency in this new Body of Knowledge.

Reveal True Cause & Effect
Foundation for C&E Rests with Applying Disciplined Problem Solving:
1.  Deming PDSA Cycle - a basic problem solving model of Plan, Do, Study, Act.
2.  Six Sigma DMAIC Cycle - a more advanced problem solving model of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.  Six Sigma uses a host of discipline, tools and techniques.
3.  Elite Player 7-Step - $trategy-4-$uccess - a proprietary improvement based problem solving model developed by myGolfDNA.  It is a 7-Step Development Road Map based on the Deming PDSA and the Six Sigma DMAIC models, but tailored specifically for Elite Development of Tour Professionals.

NOTE: this model has never been published into the public domain, and is available to a tour player only after they sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Golf DNA.

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