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The Quest to Unlock Golf's Hidden Secrets
Optimized Player Performance, not to mention increased confidence:

1.  Define Scope - what is the desired output, and the planned rate of improvement desired?
2.  Cause & Effect - define the variables both controllable and uncontrollable, as an input to design the test.
3.  Design Experiment - plan using OFAT (one factor at a time) to DOE (change several variables simultaneously).
4.  Analyze Results - what did we learn, and how does the improvement compare to desired output?

Spine Orientation - Graphite Golf Shaft

Original Spine Alignment Research
  Euan Walters
(PGA Tour Pro. 2005)

1.  Hitting Robot - Danny Seng from Australia is seen here using a Portable Ball Striking Robot in Singapore.  We tested shaft orientation and its effect on ball flight performance.  Danny and Harry have since expanded their golf research to include the use of golf touring professionals.
2 Experimental Design - Harry designed the test parameters and analyzed for statistical significance, while Danny managed the data collection and the hitting robot.
3.  Advanced Statistics - Using advanced statistics (DOE) Harry and Danny determined how shaft orientation effects both percent error (accuracy) and distance, and the methods by which to optimize shot making performance.  This new knowledge is making a huge difference to the tour players who seek our expert knowledge and craftsmanship.
4 Confirm Results - Euan Walters then hit the identical test clubs and this data was analyzed and compared to the data collected from use of the hitting robot.  The % improvement to both distance and accuracy were nearly identical between robot vs. tour player.  Euan Walters would go on to win a Nationwide event (Jacob's Creek Open) and secure his PGA tour card.

NOTE:  Euan secured his PGA TOUR card, via Top 20 Money Leader per the Nationwide Tour.  Picture does not represent a tour player endorsement contract with Golf DNA.

Elite Development In Golf
These Guys Are Good
Just A Chip And A Putt
 Effect On Golf Accessories
Duane Schiestel
(Sept. 2000)
Dwight Schiestel
(Sept. 1999)

Using advanced statistics (DOE) Duane studied the individual effect and interactions for each component of a sand wedge (5 variables + 10 two-factor interactions), to determine his own optimized fitting parameters.

Using advanced statistics (DOE) Dwight studied the individual effect of 7 variables (2 variables studied the golf shaft while the other 5 analyzed golf accessories).  He found 2 variable to have a strong correlation to reduced putting distance.

They disproved two published clubmaking and coaching theories.


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