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 7 Myths Exposed (Clubs)

Myth #1
I Update My Clubs Frequently As New Technology Comes To The Market:
1.  The golf manufacturers have brainwashed the general consumer into believing that each new release of product is superior to the model it replaced, with no data to substantiate any of the marketing claims made year-over-year.  Wedge design has changed very little.
2 Drivers are capped by the R&A, USGA, R&A as to:  head volume, COR value (trampoline effect), overall length, etc.  Bigger heads up to 460 cc does not equate to longer drives.

Myth #2
The Best Golf Clubs Come From A Single Name Brand Manufacturer:
1.  This is what the OEM’s would like you to believe since many times they sign a tour professional to a full bag of clubs.  Money talks and many pro’s take the guaranteed $’s.
2 Considering there are 6 types of clubs (driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putter), is it logical to assume that a single OEM has the best designs for all 6 club heads?
3 Quite frankly, the best set that will result in the largest improvement gains is a mixed set.

Myth #3
Name Brand Clubs Are Better Than Clubs Made From Components:
1.  The worst driver we’ve tested came from the tour van for a player ranked ‘Top 20’ in the world.   Many guys/gals who compete in long drive competitions use component heads.
2 We use many of the identical shafts and grips as used on tour and sold by Name Brand OEM’s.
3 A single club or a full set of sticks is only as good as the precision of its assembly.

Myth #4
My Clubs Already Perform, Since They Were Custom Fitted For Me:
1.  Not all is created equal.  Being professionally custom fitted is more then getting the grip size correct or the proper shaft band label on the shaft to denote its flex or stiffness rating.
2 Proper custom fitted clubs are built using weight sorted components (heads, shafts and grips), shafts spine aligned and frequency calibrated, the set adjusted to tight tolerances for swingweight, loft and lie, etc.  You need consistent yardage gap between each club.  The shafts are spine aligned, then Pro-Soft inserts are installed in the shafts for that ‘buttery’ feel at impact (less harsh vibration), to reduce occurrence of future joint injuries.

Myth #5
Courses Are Getting Longer, So I Need To Hit All Of My Clubs Longer:
1.  Why does my buddy hit his 5-iron longer than I do?  Most likely he is playing cheated ‘stronger’ lofts.  You only need to hit the metals (driver, fairway woods) longer to score.
2 Irons with strong lofts can mess up the yardage gap in the wedges (your scoring clubs).
3 Irons, wedges and a putter need to be perfectly balanced and matched over a set in order to facilitate improved accuracy and resulting drop in personal best scores and handicap.

Myth #6
Getting Fitted On A Launch Monitor / Simulator Is Better Than The Internet:
1.  Most launch monitors or simulators do not give accurate results on golf ball trajectory, distance and dispersion (accuracy).  Majority of clubs do not benefit from this, especially hitting off of a rubber tee into a net 12 feet away.  Just an illusion of using high technology.
2 What is critical is the precision that the set is assembled to ensure consistent yardage gaps.

Myth #7
I Already Play The Best Since I Bought Expensive Name Brand Clubs:
1.  Clubs mass produced and assembled ‘across the pond’ is no guarantee that the manufacturer upholds strict quality standards.  Many sets I measure you should not play.
2 The best clubs are assembled to tight tolerances based on your unique fitting parameters.
3 We craft ‘certified’ clubs to a specification tolerance of ~15X’s tighter tolerance than OEM. Why do we bother with this level of precision?  Clubs built with additional accuracy will result in your misses having tighter shot dispersion, thereby reducing your stroke average.

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