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Conceptual Agenda
Schiestel HOUSE
1.  Foundation - Analyze & Learn - a systems approach to realize breakthrough improvements.
2.  Walls - Act & Improve - unlock golf's hidden secrets via Cause & Effect for true optimization.
3.  Roof - Achieve - reduce Stroke Average and climb the World Golf Ranking.

Acquiring full time status on tour, moving up the world golf rankings and sustaining a high level of success is easier than you think. What you need is a competitive advantage that is not being used on any tour, anywhere in the world. You need to work smarter, not harder. What we offer at Golf DNA is the distinct advantage that will elevate your career and allow you to realize the goals you have set out for yourself.

Nothing we propose will take you outside your comfort zone where you can’t perform. Our body of knowledge uses a systematic approach to problem solving to every facet of your game to leave no stone unturned. It is methodical in understanding true cause and effect against every controllable variable in the game of golf, so that you can confidently go to the first tee and allow your natural talent to take over.

“You are definitely on my Top 5 list of global influences on what I do as a golf coach. You are a Master at looking for improvement and taking performance to the next level, based on proven research. I would encourage any tour player to talk to Harry and Duane at Golf DNA, as it could be the best thing you have ever done for your career. At the end of the day, they will change the outcome of your results and your future."
Kobus van Rensburg, PGA Class AAA, New Zealand, former coach to Trevor Immelman (2008 Masters Champion), Rory Sabbatini (#11 OWGR in 2007) and Tim Clark (2010 the Players Champion) when Kobus was a resident of South Africa

At Golf DNA, we offer the elite player a distinct competitive advantage with a proven Game Plan to realize breakthrough improvements by lowering stroke average.

NOTE:  it is our humble and honest opinion that world renowned golf coaches do not understand this emerging performance based Body of Knowledge for elite athletic performance, since they were not formally trained in it.  Therefore, they are ill prepared and are not masters at working with an athletic client to implement this new way of thinking and learning on 'how to improve' to gain further entitlement, aimed at true player optimization.  In addition, the better your game, the fewer coaches exist who can actually help take your game to the next plateau.

"Your golf improvement methods are so innovative they were 'conceived on another planet'.
On an Innovation Scale from 1 to 10, your sport based improvement system would rate an 11."
Dean from Montreal, Canada - Lean Management Consultant


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