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We like to associate ourselves with GREAT people, hoping some of their wisdom and talent will rub off

Cameron Doig, Duane Schiestel,
Dan Halldorson
- Sept. 2004
Duane Sets WGCC Course Record 64
Doug Neil
) - Sept. 2004
Cam Doig is an awesome coach and friend, and a longtime coach to Dan Halldorson.
Dan Halldorson achieved two PGA Tour wins, 1980 and 1985 World Cup Champion.
At age 15, Cam took Duane from a 14 to 4 handicap in 4 months.  Then he shot a '69'.
Rob Akins and Duane Schiestel
Aug. 2003
Evaluation of Swing Mechanics
Aug. 2003
Rob Akins is one of the premier coaches in the world.  Golf Magazine Top 100.
Rob is the longtime swing coach and friend to David Toms, and other tour players.
Within a week of visiting Rob Akins, Duane tied a tournament course record '66'.
David Walker
Member of the Canadian Tour
David Walker and Duane Schiestel
Seaforth G&CC
- Aug. 2007
David Walker from Australia played the CANTour and Australian professional golf circuit.
His OEM tour
sponsored clubs were ill-fitted, so we rebuilt them to exceed tour quality.
Example: For his 120+ mph swingspeed his Hybrid was OEM built to a Senior 'A' flex.
All of his irons and wedges were too short, and built by the OEM to a lady swingweight.
Ridgeway C.C., Collierville, TN
Aug. 2003
Duane Schiestel and Buck Micheel
Aug. 2003
Duane was hitting balls on the range at the Ridgeway Country Club, TN.
20 feet away on the range was Buck Micheel, father of Shaun Micheel.


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