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Clubs are only as Accurate as the Precision of their Assembly
Have your clubs built to 'Near Perfection and Certified', so you increase the  probability of reducing your stroke average (handicap):
1.  Mass Production - golf clubs mass produced and assembled 'across the pond' is no guarantee that the Name Brand manufacturer upholds strict quality standards.  There is something wrong with the majority of sets we measure, which degrades performance / lower scores.
2.  Improvement Theory - the best clubs are assembled to tight tolerances based on your unique fitting parameters, to ensure a consistent yardage gap between each club.  Why do we bother with this level of craftsmanship?  Golf clubs build with additional accuracy will result in your misses having tighter shot dispersion, thereby reducing your stroke average.
3.  Craft Perfection - we craft 'certified' clubs to a specification tolerance of up to 20X's tighter tolerance than Name Brand OEM.  Our primary goal is 'performance' and we take great pride in your personal rate of improvement.

Here Is What Another Clubmaker Said On A Forum Recently

“Last winter, I disassembled a new set of Hogan Apex blades for a 0 handicap golfer, and a set of new Titleist blades (I forget the model number) for a golfer who will be playing the Canadian Tour this coming year.  Of these 16 wonderful OEM's, 6 heads had the hosel bore drilled off centre, no two consecutive irons had the same swingweight, consecutive irons differed by as much as 12 cpm's (exceeds a full flex), there was absolutely no pattern to the frequencies (shaft stiffness)] from club-to-club, and in one set the 6-iron was stiffer than the 7-iron (it should be more flexible) and so on.  Each set retailed for $900 to $1050 CAD." We have been witness to the horror stories as above with the expensive Name Brand OEM sets and most everything in golf that is mass-produced.  Like graphite shafts marked Stiff ‘S’ flex that actually exhibit a Senior ‘A’ flex.  Even within a single graphite shaft, the flex can vary by over 1.5 flexes if not properly spine aligned during assembly.

The ‘Art Of Blueprinting’ A Set Of Clubs, Or A Single Club

In total, we document 300 measurements (points of data) covering receiving inspection, in process, and final outgoing inspection data.  The last few years, based on benchmark data I've collected, we are building clubs to a specification that is 70% tighter than Tour Quality, and up to 20X's tighter specification than off-the-shelf OEM.  We craft perfection for lower scores, based on game improving clubfitting theories.  In addition, if a club is broken or lost it can be duplicated almost identically, since all specifications are known.

The shaft is the transmission of the golf club, so for all shafts we weight sort to 80% tighter tolerance than OEM weight sorted shafts, spine align, frequency match, etc., then we insert our Pro-Soft vibration dampening insert which is dual density, so it doesn't trap moisture inside the shaft. Pro-Soft inserts for steel shafts will eliminate 50+% of the undesirable vibration back to the hands, thereby minimizing future joint problems.  This is especially important when hitting balls in colder weather.

Our revolutionary way of thinking about improvement and reducing variation, allows you to stretch the limits that your natural ability and technology has to offer.  We craft 'balanced & blueprinted' perfection into every single golf club for lower scores.

Our satisfaction is from hearing about our clients exceed their improvement goals, as many have gone on to shoot a 'personal best low round' within a few rounds to within a month of getting their set custom crafted by Golf DNA.

"First time out with them, after only hitting about 25 balls on the range, I had
a personal best round yesterday with an 82 (previous best was an 86)."

from Orangeville, Canada - Recreational Golfer


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