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 Decoding Golf's DNA - 150 Methods

Cause & Effect Diagram depicting 'Golf as a System'
This single document started our 'Journey for Answers' many years ago:
1.  50 Uncontrollable Variables - generally causes which are hard to change or influence.
2.  100 Controllable Variables - generally causes which are easy to change or influence.

Most golfer’s even serious ones will claim your money is better spent on lessons, as their improvement methodology is linear and not multi-directional (like comparing 2D vs. 3D). They want to manage one aspect of their game at the exclusion of the other variables, not realizing in many cases it’s the other variables which are eating their lunch. They pursue improvement like a one trick pony, putting all of their energy into a narrow framework of causes. They are quick to dismiss or try to understand that all the variables add together in a math regression, some with higher some with lower importance, but never the less, they all contribute to stroke average.

The decisions golfers make each day each week each month contribute to their lack of improvement as they dismiss real opportunities which do not fit their mental models or paradigms.

NOTE:  please do not confuse the technical aspect of the improvement journey and equate this to being more of a technical player.  Actually the exact opposite will result.  A feel oriented player will develop a heightened sense of feel and confidence, as additional sources of variation (ie - the noise) is reduced or nearly eliminated.

"Considering the vast amount of printed material covering golf (magazines, books,
trade journals, etc.) this C&E Diagram distils the whole game down to a single page."
from St. Thomas, Canada - Recreational Golfer



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